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Interview Tips by Melissa Lonner

What not to do when doing an interview

Doing press interviews is an invaluable part of the job as a celebrity. But what celebrities fear the most about doing interviews is being asked questions they don’t want to answer. There are several ways that celebrities handle that dilemma.

1) They have their publicists request or threaten the outlets not to ask the particular question or discuss the particular topic.

2) They cancel the interview.

3) Or they go into the interview hoping that it doesn’t come up. So, what don’t you do when the unwanted question or topic pops up?

Don't walk out on an interview!

Why? You only have to google celebrity walk outs to see why. There are YouTube videos dedicated to people walking out on interviews. What do the audience remember about that interview? Nothing . . . except that there was a celebrity walk out.

Perhaps the interviewer was inappropriate with the line of questioning, but like most in the media business, the attention and buzz only helps the outlet. It’s almost a badge of honor. But what does the celebrity get out of it? Nothing. Not even the usual plug of a project. What they get is a snippet of seemingly rude behaviour. And for celebrities, appearances are everything.


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